Not in Retro Large
Not in FusionFall Retro.
The following article is about something that either appeared after the Birthday Bash update in FusionFall or was removed prior to the build FusionFall Retro uses, and so will not appear in FusionFall Retro.
As such, it solely exists for archiving part of the original game.

Darkpaper Disciple Name Darkpaper Disciple
Boss N/A
Level 15
Type Blastons
Fuse used black magic and newspaper to make these ninjas. Watch out! These guys are tougher than the other ones! And they can slip behind you in the night without being spotted. They are located in Fusion Buttercup's Lair in Marquee Row. At least if you defeat them, you get a 16 level C.R.A.T.E.

Area: Marquee Row