VilgaxA World Mission WorldGuideIcon Dark Engine Days (Part 4 of 4)
Level 24
Difficulty Hard
Character Vilgax
Area Offworld Plaza - Downtown
Use the Fusion Diverger on the Dark Portal.
My Notes
I installed a Putrid Spawn Rebreather into a Fusion Compressor from an Oil Ogre and formed a Fusion Diverger. I used that to get past a secret portal to Fusion Hoss Delgado.
Mega Shield Pants Mega Shield Pants
FmIcon 5500 Fusion Matter TarosIcon 4664 Taros

-Fusion Compressor: 0/1

-Rebreather: 0/1

-Remaining Time: 150

  • Go to the exhaust vent junction.
  • Enter Fusion Portal.
  • Defeat Fusion Hoss.

-Fusion Hoss: 0/1

  • Exit the area.
  • Deliver the Fusion Condenser.

-Fusion Condenser: 1/1