Cootie is a level 18 Fusion Blowfish that can be seen roaming around the beach edge of Bravo Beach. Cootie is the only Blowfish found Downtown and thus pretty easy to find. Her route is a right triangle with a deviation at the hypotenuse. While all Blowfish have a chance of interfering with the player, Cootie's interference rate is much higher than the other blowfish; the only really safe area in which to fight her is near the infected zone's warp gate and the Resurrect 'Em close to it. Cootie's attacks are the same as the other blowfish, but due to the fact that the safe area in which you can fight her without interference is so small, coupled with the fact that she can stun, her Eruption Attack is much deadlier than normal, rendering the player extremely vunerable. Cootie may drop a C.R.A.T.E containing the non-tradable (red-finned) Cootie Blowfish Backpack. Cootie has red eyes and a lime-green body with white spikes on her back and tail.

Cootie Fusion


It is unknown if Cootie is the offspring of the Momma Blowfish.

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