Numbuh FourA World Mission Cool Drink Stink (Part 3 of 3)
Level 19
Difficulty Normal
Character Numbuh Four
Place Mount Blackhead - The Wilds
Purify the Twisted River
My Notes
With some help from the Magic Tree, I was able to purify the water in the Twisted River.
Numbuh FourA Numbuh Four
We need to get the Twisted River cleaned up. There's a Magic Tree here at the Jungle Outpost that might be able to help us. Why don't you go ask him?
Step 1
Talk to the Magic Tree.
Magic TreeA Magic Tree
If you crush some of my leaves in the Twisted River, you will purify the water.
Numbuh FourA Numbuh Four
I know the perfect spot! But you'll need to clear out the Creeper Kings, first.
Step 2
Defeat eleven Creeper Kings
Magic TreeA Magic Tree
Nicely done. Now proceed to the river and release the leaves I gave to you.
Step 3
Go to the Twisted River
Magic TreeA Magic Tree
I can feel my leaves working! But Fuse's infection still poisons the lands.
Numbuh FourA Numbuh Four
All done? Come on back to the Jungle Outpost.
Step 4
Return to Numbuh Four

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