DemongoA World Mission Control Center Assault (Part 4 of 4)
Level 34
Difficulty Hard
Character Demongo
Place Huntor's Crest - The Darklands
Assault the final Fusion Control Center with Eduardo.
My Notes
I was supposed to attack the Fusion Control center with Eduardo, but Billy hijacked the mission. This time it could cost us the war against Fuse. But I did manage to beat Fusion Herriman, at least.

Mission Offer

Control Center Assault (Part 4 of 4)
Fuse has one great weakness: imaginary energy. I know little about these forces, but I am familiar with a being who can help us. it is time to put an end to this war.

Mission Details

Step 1
Go to the Precipice.

Control Center Assault (Part 4 of 4)
You must proceed to the Precipice. It lies on the outskirts of Fuse's Lair, the entrance to his dark home on this planet. Once you arrive, a being powered with imaginary energy will meet you there.

Step 2
Enter Fusion Control Center.

EduardoA Eduardo
Hola? Is anybody there? I so scared! I no wanna attack the control center!

BillyA Billy
Hi there! Someone told me there was gonna be a party in Fuse's Lair!

Step 3
Talk to Billy.

BillyA Billy
So, where the party at? I brought some chips and thought we could do a little live action rollplaying. I'll be a vampire. Boo!

Samurai JackA Samurai Jack
Beware! Fusion Herriman approaches.

Step 4
Defeat Fusion Herriman.

Fusion Herriman: 0/1

Samurai JackA Samurai Jack
Let us accept this small victory. The Fusion Control Center will be shut down.

Step 5
Talk to Billy.

BillyA Billy
Boy, howdy, that was a cool fight! Wanna come here for a second?

BillyA Billy
You really beat that Unfunny Bunny! Bff. Bang. Pow! So, what are we gonna do if there's no party? Wanna go to the movies?

Step 6
Exit the area.

DemongoA Demongo
Leave the child and return to me at once! Another Fusion rises!

Step 7
Return to Demongo.

Control Center Assault (Part 4 of 4)
The plan is in shambles because of that freakish child Billy. But leave him be. Fusion Kevin is preparing a surge of new troops. You must stop this creature.

Mission Summary

DemongoA Demongo
Fuse's most powerful Fusion minion is on the attack. Though we missed our opportunity to launch an assault of imaginary energy, it is not too late to fight this monstrosity.

Control Center Assault Saga

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