Ranger CharlesA World Mission Comic Capers
Level 3
Difficulty Normal
Character Ranger Charles
Place Pokey Oaks North (The Future) - The Future
Help Eddy with a recovery mission.
My Notes
I got the latest issue of "Zombie Pirate" for Eddy from the mall in Pokey Oaks North.

Mission Offer

Comic Capers
I just received a distress call from the Cul-de-Sac. Eddy needs you to go to the mall in Pokey Oaks North. He asked specifically for you!

Mission Details

Step 1
Go to the Pokey Oaks Mall.

Comic Capers

EddyA Eddy
Hey, are you listening? I've got a really important assignment for you!

EddyA Eddy
I need you to get the latest issure of "Zombie Pirate" - the Dire Hydras stole it!

Step 2
Defeat the Dire Hydras.

Comic Capers
Eddy wants you to defeat some Fire Hydras to get the latest issue of "Zombie Pirate" -- wait a minute, that's not an emergency!

EddyA Eddy
Great work, kid! Bring it here to me in the Cul-de-Sac!

Step 3
Deliver comic to Eddy.

Comic Capers
Bring that comic book to Eddy. When you get there, tell him to stop using my emergency line for non-emergencies!

Mission Summary

Comic Capers
I'm glad you could help Eddy. But I'm gonna warn him about using the emergency line for stuff like collecting comic books. We have a war to win!

EddyA Eddy
Thanks! In the last issue, Zombie Pirate was walking the plank. I need to see what happens! You're the best. I'll give you something swell. And tell Ranger Charles to get off my back.

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