"Coco Has Laid Useful Eggs Everywhere!
" - FusionFall's Did You Know? #9

Coco is helping the war effort by laying eggs all over the world. These eggs are very valuable, containing power-ups that will boost your character for a short period. Some eggs even contain C.R.A.T.E.s!

Eggs are very easy to come by, and typically respawn within a few minutes. The most common ones are Orange colored containing powers such as:

Run - Self Run

Jump - Self Jump

Antidote Antidote

Freedom - Self Freedom

Guard Guard

Radar Radar

Damage - Area Damage (only in Firepits infected zone)

Health - Self Area Health (only in Firepits infected zone)

Golden Eggs


Golden eggs can also be found, but are more difficult to reach because they are mainly found near enemies. They are very rare in comparison and often contain a C.R.A.T.E. Sometimes they will give items needed to change a nano's power.


  • There are three Golden Eggs in Providence HQ, that can contain the P.U.T.T.U.H. and Bunny Bag. (one in the back right corner, the back left corner, and around the middle on a pillar)
  • In Peach Creek Estates, there is a Golden Egg under the pool of Fusion Matter outside the Infected Zone.
  • The popular item, "Angel's Prayer", was originally only obtainable from Golden Eggs in the Darklands.

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