City Station Map
City Station
Area Level 13
Mandroid M-99
Dexbot Q-12
Ramma Jamma
City Station is the central area in of Downtown. There are a KND S.C.A.M.P.E.R. and a Monkey Skyway Agent connecting almost all sections of the Downtown area except for Bravo Beach and Townsville Park. In this area there are Ramma Jamma, Mandroid M-99, Dexbot Q-12, and TOM. A short walk over the rails will take the player to where Ben, Gwen, Kevin, Grandpa Max, Paradox, and Azmuth can be found inside Ship, located near a bus station.

Game Changes

On September 14, 2011, TOM arrived at City Station, along with his Clydes. Furthermore, on this day Grandpa Max was placed in Ship's interior, where he gave out the Rath Nano Mission.


Streetgrinder Name Streetgrinder
Boss Oversized Streetgrinder
Level 13
Type Adaptium
The Streetgrinder could be the street sweeper of the future. That is, if street sweepers walked on titanium blades and wanted to hurt you.
Corruption Attack


Area: City Station

Asphalt Thief Name Asphalt Thief
Boss Asphalt Thief Prince
Level 13
Type Blastons
The Asphalt Thief uses highways for food protection. You'll find him in City Station trying to drill up the pavement as quickly as possible. It's unlikely he'll go unnoticed.
Corruption Attack


Area: City Station

Vile Cabinet Name Vile Cabinet
Boss Vile Defiler
Level 13
Type Cosmix
A perfect example of why you should never procrastinate, the Vile Cabinet is what you get when you combine piles of overdue office work with fusion matter


Area: City Station


S.C.A.M.P.E.R Destination

Mount Blackhead Icon Mount Blackhead

Peach Creek Commons Icon Peach Creek Commons

Forsaken Valley Icon Forsaken Valley

Monkey Destination

City Hall Icon City Hall

Offworld Plaza Icon Offworld Plaza

Tech Square Icon Tech Square

Mojo's Volcano Icon Mojo's Volcano

Orchid Bay Icon Orchid Bay

City Point Icon City Point

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