Chowder's Mouth is a location in Peach Creek Commons. It is part of the FusionFall Adventure, "Chowder's Incredible Journey." There players can find Chowder, Shnitzel, Sour Ron, and the Wisdom Tooth, which sells different objects. Players can get missions from Sour Ron - "A Lord Without A Land," Shnitzel - "A Pungent Pursuit," and Chowder - "A Nefarious Source," requiring them to enter different orifices. These missions are all level 12 missions.

Chowder in his mouth

Chowder in his own Mouth.


Shnitzel in Chowder's Mouth.

Sour Ron

Sour Ron in Chowder's Mouth.

In the orifices, there is a single type of monster and two types of Fusions: Fusion Kimchis and Fusion Chowder.

80px Name Poison Puckerberry
Boss Putrid Puckerberry Overseer
Level 12
Type Adaptium
Don't get confused with the regular ones, or you're in for a surprise.


Fusion Kimchi in an orifice

Fusion chowder

Fusion Chowder in an orifice

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