File:Agent TorresA.png World Mission Chocolate Milk {Part 2 of 4)
Level 33
Difficulty Normal
Character Agent Torres
Place Huntor's Crest
My Notes

Chocolate Milk(Part 2 of 4}
I'm sure we'll find a good use for this Shield Generator you salvaged, but if you don't shut Cheese up soon, he's going to attract every monster in the area to him.
CheeseA Cheese
Waaaaaaaaahhh! Chocolate Milk!
Step 1
Speak to Numbuh 2642 in Dark Glade.
Chocolate Milk (Part 2 of 4)
Cheese is still raising a heck of a racket. You'd better shut him up before every monster in the Hero's Hollow comes running. I wonder if Numbuh 2642 has any Chocolate Milk at his Lemonade Stand? Head to Dark Glade and ask him.
File:Numbuh 2642A.png Numbuh 2642
You're in luck, I do happen to have some Chocolate Milk. I seem to have overestimated the demand for Lemonade here.

CheeseA Cheese
Step 2
Give the Chocolate Milk to Cheese.
Chocolate Milk (Part 2 of 4)
It's about time. Get yourself to Cheese, pronto. He's giving me a splitting headache. I can't figure out how to disable his Comms.

Cheese is sick to his stomach from the Chocolate Milk you gave him. You'll need to go to Doctor J.C. to find a cure for his upset stomach.

MacA Mac
You gave him Chocolate Milk?! He's lactose-intolerant! He's going to be sick.

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