FatherA Guide Mission Mission Chemical Xcursion
Level 10
Difficulty Hard
Character Father
Place Peach Creek Commons - The Suburbs
My Notes
Mojo JojoA FROM: Mojo Jojo
SUBJECT: Chemical Xcursion
I am interested in recovering some special Chemical X from the nuclear plant. Since you are relatively close to the nuclear plant, perhaps you could recover the Special Chemical X that I require from the nuclear plant. Please go speak to Father about it. This is the last sentence of my email.-Mojo Jojo

Mission Offer

Chemical Xcursion
Mojo has asked me to send you on a special mission. It will be dangerous. Very dangerous. You may not survive. Interested?

Mission Details

Mojo JojoA FROM: Mojo Jojo
SUBJECT: Chemical Xcursion
Father is starting to make me irate! When things annoy me, I get irate, and this is what Father is doing. I need some things done for me...Mojo Jojo!Once these things are done, it will soon be time to be done with Father, as well.-Me, Mojo.

Step 1
Go to the Nuclear Plant.

Chemical Xcursion
Mojo would like you to go out to the nuclear power plant. You need too et a sample of some irradiated Chemical X and bring it back to me.

FatherA Father
This is the nuclear plant. It is dark, dangerous and filled with radiation and goo.

Step 2
Find the special Chemical X.

Chemical Xcursion
The nuclear power plant has been taken over by a Fusion named Professor Plutonium. Make it through and you will find the irradiated Chemical X.

FatherA Father
I'm surprised you made it. Oh, well. Bring it back so I can send it to the monkey.

Step 3
Return to Father.

Irradiated Chemical X: 1/1

Chemical Xcursion
Please bring me the strange and irradiated Chemical X.

Mission Summary

Chemical Xcursion
Congratulations on making it through the nuclear plant unscathed, was Mojo pleased that you recovered the irradiated Chemical X?

FatherA Father
Good work. Mojo will be pleased. We wouldn't want him to be unhappy, right? Maybe now he will stop bugging me. Here, take this BRA equipment for your trouble.

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