HexA Nano Mission Charmed Life
Level 28
Difficulty Hard
Character Hex
Place Devil's Bluff - The Wilds
My Notes

HexA Hex
Congratulations, it is Nano time. Proceed to Monkey Mountain immediately.

Mission Details

Step 1
Defeat the Volcano Toads.

Magic Box: 0/1

Charmed Life
You will go back to Monkey Mountain and search for the charm of reincarnation. I believe it is the very charm that caused Numbuh Three's toys to come to life. The Volcano Toads are carrying the magic box. Defeat them and recover the box for me.

Step 2
Bring Magic Box to Hex.

Charmed Life
Bring the Magic Box that you recovered from the Volcano Toads. I am back at Devil's Bluff.

HexA Hex
Very good. Bring that magic box to me immediately.

TetraxA Tetrax
Warning. Be wary of how you deal with the one called Hex. He cannot be trusted.

Step 3
Go to Dinosaur Pass Infected Zone.

Charmed Life
We must keep these magical items out of our enemy's hands. Go to the infected zone in Dinosaur Pass, which is out in the Darklands. You may travel there from Monkey Mountain.

HexA Hex
Hmmm, there's traces of Arcane power inside this box. Fuse is meddling with powers he cannot understand. I've seen the monsters in Dinosaur Pass toying with such energies.

Step 4
Enter Fusion Portal.

Charmed Life
You must make your way through the treacherous infected zone in Dinosaur Pass to find the entrance to Fusion Hex's lair.

HexA Hex
Find Fusion Hex. He commands the monsters in this area.

Step 5
Defeat Fusion Hex.

Charmed Life
You've found Fusion Hex's lair. It's time to show him what it means to interfere with powerful magics. Recover more of that laughable magic powder, and I am certain you will be able to create a Nano.

HexA Hex
Fusion Hex is here. You will defeat him if you know what is good for you.


Nano Hex

Nano: Hex

Type: Blastons


Sleep - Area Sleep Charm: Sleep - Area: This attack puts all monsters in the area to sleep.

Run - Self Summon Wind: Run - Self: A powerful spell that grants a big speed boost.

Recall - Group Vanishing Act: Recall - Group: Hex's magic returns your group to a safe spot in an infected zone.

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