BillyA Nano Mission Carnival Collection
Level 10
Difficulty Hard
Character Billy
Place Endsville-The Suburbs
Get Billy's stuff back from the Fuse monsters
My Notes
Billys things have been stolen and he needs them so he can pack and join the carnival. Can you get them back from Fuse's monsters?

BillyA Billy
Nano Time! Nano Time! Go find the Baron Bloodsuckers in Endsville.

Mission Details

Step 1
Defeat the Baron Bloodsuckers
Carnival Collection
Monsters stole my stuff and escaped! You need to help me get it back so I can join the carnival. First I need an extra pair of underwear. Can you get them from those Baron Bloodsuckers?
BillyA Billy
Yay, you got my underwear! Next, I need my favorite video game.
BillyA Billy
Those Jerk-O-Lanterns stole my copy of Pat the Baker! Get 'em!
Step 2
Defeat the Jerk-O-Lanterns
Carnival Collection
Excellent. You have recovered my underwear. Secondly, I will need to bring a copy of Pat the Baker, my favorite video game. You must get it back from the Jerk-O-Lanterns.
BillyA Billy
Finally, I shall need a sandwich to sustain me on my journey.
BillyA Billy
Now go and recover a sandwich from the Mummy Monsters.
Step 3
Defeat the Mummy Monsters
Carnival Collection
You have gotten me my underwear and my video game. Huzzah. Last but not least, I need a sandwich. Yum! Go get one back from the Mummy Monsters here in Endsville, baby!
BillyA Billy
Ooo! I almost forgot! I need an extra baseball cap!
BillyA Billy
I think I left one inside the graveyard infected zone. Meet me there, okay?
Step 4
Meet Billy in the infected zone
Carnival Collection
I also need to bring an extra baseball cap. I left one inside the Eternal Meadows infected zone. Meet me there and I'll show you where it is, okay?
BillyA Billy
A Fusion guy took my baseball cap! Come and help me!
Step 5
Find the Fusion Portal
Carnival Collection
I just came in here to find my hat and, before I knew it, I was surrounded by scary Spinetinglers. Can you save me? Waaa!
Step 6
Enter the Fusion Portal
Carnival Collection
I found my baseball cap, I think. Some creepy green guy has it! Can you find the Fusion Portal and come help me?
BillyA Billy
Help! I am surrounded by Spinetinglers! Save me!
Step 7
Defeat seven Spinetinglers
Carnival Collection
I just came in here to find my hat and, before I knew it, I was surrounded by scary Spinetinglers. Can you save me? Waaa!
BillyA Billy
Oh, joy! Can you bring me all that stuff you collected in Endsville?
Step 8
Deliver stuff to Billy
Carnival Collection
Thanks for saving me from those scary Spinetinglers! Now how about bringing me all that groovy stuff that you collected?
BillyA Billy
Thanks! We did it! But look, there's a big green Fusion monster over there. You gotta go get him. Biff! Boom! Pow!
Step 9
Defeat Fusion Billy
Carnival Collection
A Fusion monster that looks just like me! Hey, is my nose really that big? You gotta defeat Fusion Billy!



Nano: Billy

Type: Adaptium


Freedom - Self Freedom - Self

Sleep - Self Area Sleep – Self Area

Damage - Cone Damage - Cone

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