Hoss DelgadoA Guide Mission Captain's Log
Level 34
Difficulty Hard
Character Hoss Delgado
Place Devil's Bluff - The Wild
Recover the captain's log
My Notes

Step 1
Defeat the Jurassic Centurions. Find captain's log.

Captain's Log
Defeat the Jurassic Centurions. Captain's Log 0/1. Go to the Precipice and defeat the Jurassic Centurions. One of them are bound to have the information to we need.

BenA FROM: Ben
SUBJECT: Captain's Log
Granpa's satellite is collecting tons of data about Planet Fusion. We couldn't of done it without you. Now you've gotta put a stop to this Fusion Kevin army thing. I know you can do it! -Ben

Step 2
Deliver captain's log to Hoss.

Captain's Log
Deliver captain's log to Hoss. Bring the captain's log to me. Let's see if we can figure out where all the nastiness is going down.

Hoss DelgadoA Hoss Delgado
That's right. Show'em the business end of yer boot. Now bring me that captain's log and we'll see what's what.

Mission End

Captain's Log
Yep, Fuse is building some kinda army in an underground lair. Time to introduce him to the business end of our fists, whadda you say? Who's with me?

Hoss DelgadoA Hoss Delgado
Well, Hmmm. Yes, let's see. Okay. It seems that this scum called Fuse is building his Fusion army underground. But I've got a trick that will trip him up. Here. Take this reward.