BillyA Guide Mission Candygram Jam
Level 10
Difficulty Hard
Character Billy
Place Endsville-The Suburbs
Find someplace safe for the second bag of Crazy Brain Candy
My Notes
Billy has an idea of what to do with the dangerous Crazy Brain Candy. Wait...he wants you to give it to Foster's? Maybe Edd has a better idea!

EddA FROM: Edd
SUBJECT: Candygram Jam
Billy said he had an idea about what to do with the Crazy Brain Candy. Might as well find out what he has to say.-Edd

Mission Offer

Candygram Jam
I have decided that this graveyard candy is gross. You know who likes candy? Those guys at Foster's. If you bring this to them, I'll give you a surprise.

EddA FROM: Edd
SUBJECT: Candygram Jam
Wait a minute...what is Billy thinking? Don't bring that candy to Foster's...bring it here. I'll put it somewhere safe.-Edd

Mission Details

Step 1
Deliver the candy to Edd

Candygram Jam
Take the graveyard candy to Foster's. They like them some candy, boy howdy!

EddA Edd
You can't take this candy to Foster's -- it's dangerous! Take this box of jawbreakers instead. I'll hide the Crazy Brain Candy where no one will find it.

Step 2
Bring the candy to Eduardo

Candygram Jam
Bringing Foster's the candy! Bringing Foster's the candy!

EduardoA Eduardo
Oh, that's muy nice of you to bring this candy. While you are here, can you help us with some mucho scary monsters? There's too many! I promise to give you some candy after!

Step 3
Defeat four Extremospawns

Candygram Jam
If you get to Foster's and they want you to do something for them, then you should. Like defeating four Extremospawns or something.

EduardoA Eduardo
Cool! You is rocking the casa!

EduardoA Eduardo
Come back to me and I will be sharing the candy with you.

Step 4
Talk to Eduardo

Candygram Jam
Did you talk to Eduardo yet? Go talk to him!

EduardoA Eduardo
Okay, take this candy. Don't break your jaw!

BillyA Billy
Hey, you got a jawbreaker! I've got a surprise for you, so how about we trade?

Step 5
Deliver jawbreakers to Billy

Candygram Jam
Hey, what happened to my candy? Oh, right. Can you bring me some, please?

Mission Summary

Candygram Jam
Did you bring that weird candy to Fosters? Those guys love candy! Thanks for the help. Stop by sometime and we can watch TV together.

BillyA Billy
Thanks for the jawbreaker. Ow! Here, you want this armor? Ow, my jaw! Ow! Ow. Ow! My jaw. Ow! I love candy. Ow.

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