CourageA Guide Mission Candy Scare
Level 29
Difficulty Hard
Character Courage
Place Nowhere - The Wilds
My Notes

EddA Edd
The search for the Crazy Brain Candy has got me worried. It would appear that Fuse may already have snatched it! Courage has some thoughts on the matter. Go see him right away. -Edd

Candy Scare
I think you're ready to go to the Fireswamps. I'm sure you'll find the weird candy. Don't let anyone eat you! And don't burn up! Or fall in the lava!

EddA Edd
If Fuse has all the Crazy Brain Candy, he could give it out to kids and scramble their brains! We need to get it back, and you're the kid to do it. Good luck! -Edd

Step 1
Go to the Fireswamps.

Candy Scare
You're ready to go to the Fireswamps. I'd never go there! I hope you find the Crazy Brain Candy.

Step 2
Defeat seven Creeposaurus Rexes.

Candy Scare
Look out! Defeat seven Creeposaurus Rexes before they can eat you!

CourageA Courage
Aggh! Look out! Creeposauruses!

Step 3
Defeat seven Tar Titans.

Candy Scare
Now you'd better defeat seven Tar Titans, just to be on the safe side.

CourageA Courage
There are Tar Titans nearby, too. You'd better get them.

Step 4
Talk to Samurai Jack.

Candy Scare
Oh, its Samurai Jack! He's really brave. Better go talk to him and see what he wants. He's in the Forsaken Valley, at the remote research station.

Samurai JackA Samurai Jack
You are a valiant warrior. We must speak.

Samurai JackA Samurai Jack
I am in the Forsaken Valley, at the research facility.

Samurai JackA Samurai Jack
If the strange magic candy is what you seek, Fuse moved it to his lair. The journey ahead is fraught with danger.

CourageA Courage
Fuse's Lair?!? You don't want to go there. Come back and see me.

Step 5
Talk to Courage.

Candy Scare
Uh-oh! Fuse's Lair is about as scary as it gets. You'd better come back to Nowhere. Whine!

Candy Scare
Oh, dear me. The Crazy Brain Candy is in Fuse's Lair? You don't want to go there. It's the scariest place you can imagine.

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