Licorice LipsA World Mission Candy Jarrr!
Level 3
Difficulty Normal
Character Licorice Lips
Place Candy Cove (The Future)
Recover Licorice Lips' candy jar.
My Notes
I got Licorice Lip's candy jar, but it was empty. So I went to the candy store and filled it up with candy.

Mission Offer

Candy Jarrr!
Arrr! The Tank Terrors near the ol' Sweet Revenge stole me candy jar. I need someone to get it back. You look like you could get the job done, matey!

Mission Details

Step 1
Defeat the Tank Terrors.

Candy Jarrr!
Arrr! Them no-good Tank Terrors swiped me candy jar! If ye can recover it, I would be most grateful.

Licorice LipsA Licorice Lips
Avast! The jar is empty! No one steals candy from a Candy Pirate!

Licorice LipsA Licorice Lips
Go to the candy store in Pokey Oaks South and bring me back a new haul.

Step 2
Go to candy store.

Candy Jarrr!
Those ruffians stole all me candy! The irony is not lost on me, matey. Go to the candy shop in Pokey Oaks South and fill up me jar. Arrr!

Licorice LipsA Licorice Lips
Good work! Bring the candy to me and ye can be on yer merry way.

Step 3
Bring candy to Licorice Lips.

Candy Jarrr!
Return to me with me candy booty, and I'll reward ye with something befittin' a kid of yer stature.

Mission Summary

Candy Jarrr!
Good show, me friend! You took down them Tank Terrors and refilled me candy jar! 'Tis true that ye would make a fine Candy Pirate. Arrr!

Licorice LipsA Licorice Lips
I am indebted to ye. Thanks for bringin' me this fine haul o' candy booty. Fuse won't steal from me again. Perhaps one day, a Candy Pirate ye will be. Arrr!

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