Candy Cove Map
Candy Cove
Area Level 07
NPCs Stickybeard

Licorice Lips

SKWID Squad Agent (formerly)

Candy Cove, from the show Kids Next Door, is the home of the Candy Pirates, under Stickybeard. Not only do they have a creek with access to the ocean, but a perfect location for their base and a harbor for their ships. But Fuse, after invading the universe, has encased Stickybeard's Ship, the Sweet Revenge, in a shell of Fusion Matter, and sending Fusion Numbuhs Five and Two to protect the ship and steal candy from the Pirates.

In the game, Candy Cove is a major hub for missions, with some from Stickybeard and some other Candy Pirates, usually to check out the Infected Zone or defeat Fusions or monsters. There was also a Blowfish at the end of the creek for "The Mother of All Blowfish", a Mother's Day event. Most missions are given by either Stickybeard or Licorice Lips at the Candy Pirates camp, which also includes a Monkey Skyway Agent providing service to Peach Creek Commons.

In the Future, the southeastern corner is flooded by liquid Fusion Matter, submerging the Sweet Revenge, only the top being visible. It is presumed that, being the first destroyed, that it was one of the first Infected Zones in the Suburbs. The Candy Pirates still reside here, but Stickybeard, stricken with grief over his ship, left and never returned, leaving Licorice Lips in charge of the Candy Pirates.

There are still two missions from the 'Mother of All Blowfish' event at the end of the creek, but it is a glitch, due to the fact that you need to find two wandering blowfish, and they are removed from the game. The SKWID Squad agent is now removed from the game along with the missions.


Creepy Spawn Name Creepy Spawn
Boss Mega Creepy Spawn
Level 07
Type Cosmix
These spawns are real creeps, but they're also pretty strong. Don't take your eyes off them, or you'll soon find yourself at the nearest Resurrect 'Em.
Corruption Attack

Area: Candy Cove

Candy Buccaneer Name Candy Buccaneer
Boss Buccaneer Commander
Level 07
Type Blastons
These creeps patrol the area around Candy Cove, plundering candy and putting it aboard Stickybeard's infected ship. Avast, ye scurvy monsters!
Eruption Attack

Area: Candy Cove

Barrel Basher Name Barrel Basher
Boss Big Barrel Basher
Level 07
Type Adaptium
The tanks this thug uses for feet are filled with highly-flammable gas. If you don't watch your aim, this barrel may burst! Then again, knowing these creeps, maybe that's for the best.
Battery Drain

Area: Candy Cove

Fusion Lairs

Monkey Skyway Agent Destination

Peach Creek Commons Icon Peach Creek Commons

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