BillyA Guide Mission Booger Boogie
Level 9
Difficulty Hard
Character Billy
Place Endsville-The Suburbs
Recycle Billy's Boogies
My Notes
Billy has become environmentally conscious and wants your help to recycle...his boogers? Ewww! Hurry or they'll ferment!

Mission Offer

Booger Boogie
In these trying times, it is important to stay environmentally conscoius. That is why I have decided to recycle my boogers. Can you bring them to the salvage yard?

Mission Details

Step 1
Go to junk yard before time runs out (Timed)

Booger Boogie
You need to get out to the junk yard as fast as you can in order to recycle my boogers. Hurry or they will ferment!

BillyA Billy
Yay! Now all the people without boogers will have some recycled boogers.

BillyA Billy
It is a good day. Come back and see me for a prize.

Step 2
Return to Billy

Booger Boogie
Come back here and I'll give you a reward and stuff!

Mission Summary

Booger Boogie
Man, I liked how you ran really fast back there! You took those boogers and you recycled them like crazy! Now the world will be a better place and at peace.

BillyA Billy
That was an amazing display of running and recycling. You know, you should really think about recycling your boogers, too. Read the literature! Anyway, here's your reward.

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