Bob O'Ganoosh is a Mutant Eggplant located at Mount Blackhead. In the Courage the Cowardly Dog show, he was the leader of a sentient Eggplant species, who proposed to attack the surface world for treating them like vegetables, but, thanks to Courage, he eventually finds peace with them. His name is an obvious reference to "baba ghanoush," a spread made out of eggplant.


In FusionFall he is helping with the final parts of the Nano Enhancement Project. He'll send the player to Devil's Bluff, Nowhere, Forsaken Valley, and Huntor's Crest. He is probably the only Eggplant that appeared in a show and had a name, but he no longer seems to be the leader, having apparently ceded that position to Mel Anzana. However, he is the most important eggplant when it comes to mission giving, and rather more important than General Tso in doing so.

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