BlossomA World Mission Blossom's Picnic Panic (Part 2 of 4)
Level 5
Difficulty Easy
Character Blossom
Place Sector V - The Suburbs
Deliver a Message to Professor Utonium
My Notes
All that work for the picnic and the Professor never showed up! Time to go see him in Genius Grove.

Mission Offer

Blossom's Picnic Panic (Part 2 of 4)
Would you please go tell Professor Utonium that he missed a great picnic? I think he's in Genius Grove near Dexter's house.

Mission Details

Step 1
Talk to Professor Utonium

Blossom's Picnic Panic (Part 2 of 4)
Professor Utonium never came to my picnic. I know he's busy and all, with Fuse invading and everything, but he didn't even call! Well, it's his loss. Please go tell him he missed a great picnic! You'll find him in Genius Grove.

Professor UtoniumA Professor Utonium
I'm glad you're here! My house was attacked by Gravel Golems and they destroyed my communications equipment. Blossom must think I forgot her picnic!

Mission Summary

Blossom's Picnic Panic (Part 2 of 4)
Thank you for delivering the message. I hope those Gravel Golems aren't causing too much trouble for the Professor. Maybe you can help.

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