• Fusion Aquaabyss

    Hello, Fusion Aquaabyss here!

    As you may have noticed, I've been adding the Category:Mission stubs on mission pages that desperately need them. While there are other things to work on, I'm mainly focusing on improving those pages for the time being.

    However, it's not something I want to do alone. So, I'm reaching out to the community! I should probably do this somewhere else, but for the time being, I'll just do it here.

    The best way to improve those pages is to use the Mission Format. There, the templates needed are all listed in all in one place, how to use each aspect of the template, and even an example! I should also tell you that updating missions is rather tedious and can extend your playtime per mission. The best way would be to break…

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  • Regular Guy

    I realized that our wiki is really restricted in certain areas. Most notable in affiliations. I suggest that we create a Youtube account for the wiki. The account will showcase videos submitted by the community. Meaning? Meaning, you are welcome to send us videos that we will upload to the account. This includes, gameplay, mission walkthroughs, events and item showcasing. NO, we will not upload videos of sniffing out hackers.

    Our wiki is centered around community consent, so what you guys think? Should we add a Youtube account to the wiki? Let me know in the comment section.

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  • TyAquazon

    Official Project: Revive

    October 19, 2012 by TyAquazon

    This page is the official page for Project: Revive on the Wiki, which will feature updates and new content as I showcase or demonstrate it. I will be editing and finishing this post in a couple of days with everything you need to know and more about Project: Revive, what it is, and how to get involved! Thanks for the support!

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  • Regular Guy

    As we expand, I am proposing the idea of a FusionFall wiki newsletter. A newsletter is like a newspaper. Newsletters are common on ALOT of wikis. I am personally proposing this because it cuts down on making so many blogs when a new wiki update is here. I am right now unsure what the newsletter should have in it. Of course we'll have updates on wiki events and such, but what about in-game stuff?

    Does anyone like the idea of giving user the freedom to advertise a event they are having in-game? I also like the idea of a birthday shoutout inside the newsletter for anyone who is celebrating a birthday.

    A few ideas of an already made newsletter can be seen here:

    • The Avatar Wiki Newsletter
    • The Sims Wiki Newsletter

    I tested a idea for the newsletter o…

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  • Regular Guy

    Have you noticed?! I hope you did. The new design is AWESOME. Wuher Moseisley deserves SO much credit for the new look. Honesty, check him out! He is a true artist.

    On the other side of things here at the FusionFall Wiki, we are starting our MAJOR remodel. Not only in appearance, but in policies. New polices will be added to the wiki very soon, that will cut down on some of the things that have happened here in the past.
    This design change is only the first step in our MASTER PLAN! I hope every likes the new design. A few more tweak to it will be added over the course of this week. So be on the look out.

    Once again, that you SO much Wuher! We officially owe him one. Now lets get back to work and make this the BEST FusionFall WIKI EVER! - ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶…

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  • Regular Guy

    FusionFall Wiki Redesign

    September 16, 2012 by Regular Guy

    It's about time we all start over on a new left. Leave the past drama behind. Start over entirely. Not only in our community, but with our design. The design here is old and doesn't really make FF looks how it should look. With that said, I'm am proposing that we redo the site entirely. This is a MMO Wiki, so I've been looking around various wikis that are Gaming, MMO, and Movie types. Here are a few:

    • The Dead Space Wiki: The design for this wiki is really cool. I'm not so focused on the BG (background), but the Main Page. It's really well done. It's shows users what the wiki is about and shows off the impressive coding skills of the community. (Note: If you are using Window 7 you may not be able to see the awesomeness of the Dead Space Wi…

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  • Regular Guy

    FusionFall Answer Wiki

    August 14, 2012 by Regular Guy

    You have a question? Well FFA has the answer. Brand new, and fully operational, the FusionFall Answer Wiki is the 1# place for FusionFall related questions. Please note, it is a ANSWER WIKI, NOT A FAN FICTION. Fan Fiction questions are not permitted. For the most part, all the rules are the same as this Wiki, though there are fewer features. No Chat or Message Wall.

    Admin positions are open to anyone who thinks that they are up to the task. Though make note, you must have answered a minimum of 20 questions.

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  • Regular Guy

    PARTY! Yes, I am planning a Party on FusionFall. It is to help Project R, but to also have some of that "ol' days" fun. The Party will take place in these locations at different times:

    • Mount Blackhead: 7:00 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time)
      • Date: May 25, 2012 (Over)
    • Sector V: 6:00 PM MST (Mountain Standard Time)
      • Date: TBA
    • Forsaken Valley 7:00 PM PST (Pacific Standard Time)
      • Date: TBA


    • The party is to promote Project R. I will suggest that you have a snapshot feature on your Computer, PC, etc. At the party people may take pictures of them with there friends doin' just about anything (note how I said just about). Be creative.


    • Each party will take place on different days. I am trying to fit it into the ordinary kid/teen schedule.


    • Items for sa…

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  • Regular Guy

    Project R

    May 5, 2012 by Regular Guy

    A user, Wilttilt, started a movement to revitalize FusionFall. As we all know, CN hasn't given us a single update in forever. Heck. They haven't even given us at least a "Hi how's it goin?"

    So WiltTilt felt it was time to call out to CN by putting together this Letter & Petition with all new and interesting things that CN can put into FusionFall. It also calls for CN to reput in attention to their "BIGGEST GAME EVER."

    I dont want everyone to just simply "agree" with this and show your support from the side. That's not how things get rooting from the side.

    Word needs to spread to any and all websites that you all can think of.

    I know you may or may not want to commit alot of time to this and, yes, I completely understand that. …

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