• Fusion Aquaabyss

    Hello all!

    With Retro coming just over the horizon, I'd like to make a request to you (yes YOU), the community. I'm sure by now that you have noticed that the missions pages on the wiki are severely lacking information or look (or are) incomplete. 

    This is where you come in!

    All I ask is while you play the game, you update the missions pages as you play the game! If you're not sure whether or not a mission is following the Mission Format, you can check Category:Mission stubs or get to the Mission through the Missions page to see whether or not it is following the Mission Format! If it is, you can continue on your merry way, but if it isn't, just fill in the mission as you fulfill the mission with every single aspect of the mission (this inclu…

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  • Regular Guy

    Policies Please

    June 28, 2012 by Regular Guy

    This a little out of control now. I am seeing the most horrid spam and noob uprising in my entire internet life. Polices need to be made, like now. I suggest you start with the editing of the user welcoming message: MediaWiki:Welcome-message-user.

    Then, I suggest polices start being made with the addition to adding this: MediaWiki:Oasis-comments-header. Warnings and blocks need to be made. I am trusting with these two links, and this information, that the admins of this wiki will do their best to enforce the rules.

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  • Regular Guy

    I have been on this wiki long enough to see many things. One thing I hate the most is wiki conz. I don't trust them (sorry if you are a helpful wiki con.) I just don't trust them. Recently, I have been seeing multiple vandals messing up the pages and a couple of n00bs here and there not following the policy (not that there is even a policy). I have kept this to myself, but I am aware that some users on this wiki are vandals. I have seen it with my own eyes, but I haven't said anything. I have a mistrust for a certain user. I can't...can't stand to see this wiki fall apart. (I mess up Wikis, Nyan Wiki Con guy, Negatives) The admin need to all have a meeting and discuss these issues with the community, and bans need to start being made.

    • These…

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  • Regular Guy

    Template FIX!!!

    May 26, 2012 by Regular Guy

    Okay, I not the only one who noticed that the templates are off the wall! And everyone ignored the warning on the front page about, DO NOT EDIT THE PAGES.

    Really all the people who edited pages when they were not allowed to should be put in Time-Out. Any ways before the Template Meltdown, I was building a whole new line of templates. That has to be put on hold for now. I am trying to get in contact with the Wikia Staff right now, so don't worry. Please be patient.

    1. May 28, 2012: Here is the link to contact Wikia: Contact.

    This link is only for requesting things for this wiki. LOGO, HOMEPAGE DESIGN, WIKI SKINS, ETC.

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