CocoA Nano Mission Bird Beast
Level 25
Difficulty Hard
Character Coco
Place Mount Blackhead - The Wilds
My Notes

Mission Offer

Bird Beast

Mission Details

Bird Beast
Coco? Coco coco!

Step 1
Talk to Mac.

Bird Beast
Coco co-coco coco.

MacA Mac
Hey! Coco's really worried about the monsters attacking our little village here in the Jungle Outpost. Are you prepared to head into the Really Twisted Forest? It's scary.

MacA Mac
Coco says that she's really scared of the Grime Serpents. Can you get rid of them?

Step 2
Defeat seven Grime Serpents.

Bird Beast
Coco coco co-coco coco. Coco coco coco? Coco!

CocoA Coco

EdA Ed
You know, I saw a really scary monster in that infected zone the other day.

Step 3
Find the Fusion Portal.

Bird Beast
Coco coco coco cocococo co-coco. Coco!

EdA Ed
Look for a monster that looks kinda like Mac's weird birdie friend!

Step 4
Enter the Fusion Portal.

Bird Beast
Cococo coco coco!

MacA Mac
Look out! It's Fusion Coco! Go get her.

Step 5
Defeat Fusion Coco.

Bird Beast



Nano: Coco

Type: Adaptium


Guard Guard

Freedom - GroupFreedom - Group

Stun - Area Stun - Area

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