billy:poor irwin, his stylish clothes will never embrace endsville again. maybe you can find him at the nuclear plant.

he was last seen playing the president evil game at the nuclear plant, go and check

billy:maybe the weird weilders have something

(defeat the weird weilders)

billy:nope they didnt have no 20 sided dice or nothin.

(enter the infected zone)

billy:look inside the infected zone for signs of irwin

(get 20 sided dice)

billy:cool! my... i mean irwins 20 sided dice

(find president evil figure)

billy:okay next look for a president evil action figure

(find spellbook)

billy:cool you found ronald raygun!

billy: last i need a collector of stuff spellbook

(get fusion matter absorber)

billy: okay i lied,sorry i lost that stuff when i was playing in the core

billy:hey whats that?

(return to billy)

billy:het that sucks the goo up like a sponge, cool!

billy: bring that stuff back here

billy:sorry for lying but ill keep that fusion matter absorber, thanks!

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