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Bet on Ben (Part 4 of 5)

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Vilgax, Mojo Jojo and Mandark are starting to get on each other's nerves. Ben needs your help to calm them down before a fight happens!

Step 1
Talk to Mandark
MandarkA Mandark
Mojo Jojo and Vilgax have been trying to steal my company's secrets! I will destroy them!

Step 2
Talk to Mojo Jojo
Mojo JojoA Mojo Jojo
Curses! It is Mojo Jojo's secrets that are being stolen! Not Mandark's! And this Vilgax is no better! I will crush them!
Step 3
Talk to Vilgax
VilgaxA Vilgax
The fools! Their puny minds could never comprehend my secrets. or the power that secretly lies in this place. I will destroy them now!
Step 4
Go to the Ammunition Depot
Step 5
Enter the Ammunition Depot
Step 6
Defeat Mandark
MandarkA Mandark
I'm sorry! Don't hurt me! Here! Take this Sonic Displacement chamber!
Step 6
Defeat Mojo Jojo
Mojo JojoA Mojo Jojo
I give up! Here, take this Sonic Displacement ammunition and leave me alone!
Step 7
Defeat Vilgax
VilgaxA Vilgax
This argument is pointless. You may have the Sonic Displacement carbine.
Step 8
Exit the Area.
Step 9
Return to Ben
Bet on Ben (Part 4 of 5)
Well, that was pretty amazing. I hope Mojo and Mandark and Vilgax learned something. And I hope this will keep them out of our hair for a while!

Mission Faults

  • Strangely, when any of these enemies are beaten, they release Fusion Matter, which only Fuse's monsters can deal out. (However, it's possible they have gathered Fusion Matter.)
  • Even if Mojo, Mandark or Vilgax is defeated, the player can fight them again as they revive themselves if the player remains inside of the zone for a certain period of time.

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