Ben Tennyson Guide Missions
Name LVL Difficulty NPC Location
Gear Up04HardNumbuh TwoSector V
Terrafuser Tango04HardNumbuh TwoSector V
Pesky Problems05HardNumbuh TwoSector V
Follow Your Node05HardNumbuh TwoSector V
Hide and Go Eek06HardNumbuh TwoSector V
Pokey Punch-Out06HardNumbuh TwoSector V
Bugs And Earplugs07HardNumbuh TwoSector V
Base Case, Part One08HardNumbuh TwoSector V
Base Case, Part Two09HardNumbuh TwoSector V
Major Miner10HardNumbuh TwoSector V
Nuclear Haste11HardNumbuh TwoSector V
Tree House Trouble12HardNumbuh TwoSector V
Max Marathon13HardNumbuh 311City Point
High Jinx14HardGrandpa MaxTownsville Park
You Make the Call15HardGrandpa MaxTownsville Park
Free Launch16HardGrandpa MaxTownsville Park
Omnitrix Fix17HardGrandpa MaxTownsville Park
Hard Cell18HardGrandpa MaxTownsville Park
Appetite For Destruction19HardGrandpa MaxTownsville Park
No Ghosts Allowed20HardGrandpa MaxTownsville Park
Vine Time21HardGrandpa MaxTownsville Park
Do Not Enter22HardGrandpa MaxTownsville Park
Nowhere To Go23HardBenOffworld Plaza
Tough Cell24HardBenOffworld Plaza
Into The Wild25HardHoss DelgadoDevil's Bluff
Chicken Scrap26HardHoss DelgadoDevil's Bluff
Mountain Madness27HardBenOffworld Plaza
Dark Times28HardHoss DelgadoDevil's Bluff
Sinister Plans29HardHoss DelgadoDevil's Bluff
Pit Stop30HardHoss DelgadoDevil's Bluff
Bash Your Brains31HardHoss DelgadoDevil's Bluff
Welcome to Braintree32HardHoss DelgadoDevil's Bluff
Satellite Mission33HardHoss DelgadoDevil's Bluff
Captain's Log34HardHoss DelgadoDevil's Bluff
Eyebore Easily35HardHoss DelgadoDevil's Bluff
Fusion Finale36HardHoss DelgadoDevil's Bluff

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