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Befriending Bubbles (Part 1 of 2)

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The Fusion Matter Goo in Townsville Park Infected Zone has been bad enough, but now the Unicycles have stolen some Bird Nests and its up to you to get them back.


Fight the Unicycles to get the first Bird's Nest back.

Well it seems that the Asphault Creeps also took a Nest. Time to hit the pavement hard!


Beat the Asphault Creeps to get the second Nest back.

Oh No! The Heavy Hunters also took a Bird Nest!


Defeat the Heavy Hunters for the 3rd and final Bird Nest.

Now that the Nests have been saved bring them to Bubbles in City Hall for Safekeeping.


Level 15 CRATE

2400 Fusion Matter

1324 Taros

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