BillyA World Mission Beautification Mutation (Part 2 of 6)
Level 12
Difficulty Normal
Character Billy
Place Endsville - The Suburbs
Deface four Re:Fuse posters.
My Notes
Billy asked me to paint over some of the Re:Fuse posters in Habitat Homes.

Step 1
Paint over the first poster.
BillyA Billy
Slop it up!
Step 2
Paint over the second poster.
BillyA Billy
Yeah, that's it!
Step 3
Paint over the third poster.
BillyA Billy
Yay! It won't be long before I get paid.
Professor UtoniumA Professor Utonium
We've got trouble. Can you rush over here soon as you finish your mission?
Step 4
Paint over the fourth poster.

BillyA Billy
I'm rich! Thanks for your help!

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