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BillyA World Mission Beautification Mutation (Part 1 of 6)
Level 12
Difficulty Easy
Character Billy
Place Endsville - The Suburbs
Stop the Motorillas.
My Notes
I removed a Re:Fuse poster, but a new one appeared in its place. And why did Billy tell me that monsters were putting them up? That seems weird. Those posters are anti-Fuse!

Step 1
Defeat six Motorillas.
BillyA Billy
Great! Now get that poster.
Step 2
Get the Re:Fuse poster.
BillyA Billy
Weird! When you took the poster, another poster took its place. Creepy!
BillyA Billy
Well, bring it over to me!
Step 3
Deliver poster to Billy.
BillyA Billy
Thanks! The poster will look really great in my room... and stuff. Yeah, my room!

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