BenA World Mission Basic Training Complete
Level 01
Difficulty Easy
Character Ben
Place Null Void
Head to the Zoo to start Advanced Training.
My Notes
I completed Basic Training and left the Null Void. As a reward, I gained Level 2.

Mission Offer

Basic Training Complete
Okay, time for you to leave Basic Training. Talk to Rex. He is standing on the warp platform past the Fusion Spawns. If you have Nano Finn's Heroic Leap power, you can jump higher and reach Rex quickly. If you didn't choose Heroic Leap, then it will take longer to reach him. (Heroic Leap is a Passive Skill. When the Nano is summoned, it is always working.)

Mission Details

Step 1
Talk to Rex to warp to the Petting Zoo.

Mission Summary

Basic Training Complete
Good job with Basic Training. As a reward, here is the final Fusion Matter thet you will need to get to level 2. Congratulations.

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