Numbuh TwoA Guide Mission Base Case, Part One
Level 8
Difficulty Hard
Character Numbuh Two
Place Sector V-The Suburbs
Lock down the first secret Plumber Base
My Notes
You've got the earplugs! You've got the access code! Now go out there and start locking down those bases!

BenA FROM: Ben
SUBJECT: Base Case, Part One
Did you get the Sonic Earplugs? Max just told me about a secret Plumber base in Peach Creek Estates. I sent it's location to Numbuh Two. Go see him right away. I'll upload a special access code to your NanoCom.-Ben

Mission Offer

Base Case, Part One
Ben sent me the location of a secret Plumber base access port over in Peach Creek Estates. He uploaded a special access code to your NanoCom.

BenA FROM: Ben
SUBJECT: Base Case, Part One
Did you know that my Grandpa Max used to be a Plumber? They're a secret organization that protects the world from alien creeps. Well, they have secret bases underground and you can access them if you know what you're doing. Use the access code I sent to you. Good luck.-Ben

Mission Details

Step 1
Head to Peach Creek

Base Case, Part One
Ben wants you to go to Peach Creek Estates to try and find the secret Plumber base access port. We're counting on you!

BenA Ben
Okay, you'll need to go into the infected area nearby to find the access port.

Step 2
Find access port

Base Case, Part One
You need to find the Plumber base access port. Then use Ben's access key to reboot the port's security systems. When you're done, come back to me...Ben sent the location of another secret Plumber base.

Mission Summary

Base Case, Part One
Good job finding that secret Plumber access port. Did you use the access code to reboot the security systems? Sweet!

BenA Ben
Hey, check it out! That base had a cool pair of Galactic Enforcer boots inside.

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