The Banking Window

If players have too many items in their packs, they can always store some of them in a Morbucks Savings and Loan bank vault! Everyone has one, and It’s one of the great benefits of being a hero! To use the Bank, players have to find a Banker to get to their vaults.



The Morbucks Savings and Loans have several headquarters in the world. Once players locate a banker, they should talk to the banker and select the bank icon. The bank window will pop up. The player must click on the items to be moved between the bank vault and the player's pack. This will open an item screen that lets the player switch between the bank and the pack. Players can also click and drag items between their particular vault and pack.

As of 5.19.10, the bank may now hold a maximum capacity of 200 items.

Bankers can only be found once the player returns to the past. During adventures in the future, players will have to carry all their own items during the first part of their adventures.

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