Numbuh FiveA World Mission Band of Bandits
Level 3
Difficulty Normal
Character Numbuh Five
Place Sector V (The Future)
Recover Numbuh Five's stolen candy.
My Notes
I helped Licorice Lips in the Candy Pirate village, and he told me where I could find Numbuh Five's stolen candy.

Mission Offer

Band of Bandits
I know we gotta get you back to the past, but there's an emergency. Fuse's jerks stole my Soopuh Sour Pops!! Can you go down to Candy Cove and investigate?

Mission Details

Step 1
Talk to Licorice Lips.

Band of Bandits
Some stupid creeps stole my favorite candy!! Go down to Candy Cove and talk to Licorice Lips in the Candy Pirate village. Maybe you can find the culprits.

Licorice LipsA Licorice Lips
Numbuh Five 'tis not the only victim o' these scoundrels! Me very own Chocolate Dubloons was stolen by Tread Heads!

Licorice LipsA Licorice Lips
If ye get me dubloons back, perhaps I can help ye find Numbuh Five's loot.

Step 2
Defeat the Tread Heads

Band of Bandits
Licorice Lips wants you to find the Tread Heads that took his Chocolate Doubloons. Then maybe he'll help you find my Soopuh Sour Pops!

Licorice LipsA Licorice Lips
Good work, me hearty! Now bring them dubloons to me.

Step 3
Bring candy to Licorice Lips

Band of Bandits
Bring them Chocolate Doubloons you got from the Tread Heads back to Licorice Lips.

Licorice LipsA Licorice Lips
Arr! Me Chocolate Dubloons are back in me possession! So I will tell ye. The Candy Bandits stole Numbuh Five's Soopuh Sour Pops!!

Licorice LipsA Licorice Lips
Seems pretty obvious, don't it?

Step 4
Defeat the Candy Bandits

Band of Bandits
Candy Bandits?!? Why didn't I think of that? Now that Licorice Lips has his Chocolate Doubloons back, go after those raggedy Candy Bandits and get my Soopuh Sour Pops back!!

Numbuh FiveA Numbuh Five
You got 'em! Bring them yummy goodies back to Sector V.

Step 5
Deliver candy to Numbuh Five

Band of Bandits
That was sweet, for sure! Bring my Soopuh Sour Pops back to me in Sector V, and I'll most definitely give you something cool in return.

Mission Summary

Band of Bandits
Man, you're doing great. If all the kids I met were like you, Fuse would be shaking in his green, gooey boots! We gotta fix that time machine!

Numbuh FiveA Numbuh Five
You're the best. I'm gonna enjoy these Soopuh Sour Pops. I'll give you some from my next stash...promise!!
  • Note

This mission had been replaced by Samurai Jack requesting the Temporal Stone.

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