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Not in FusionFall Retro.
The following article is about something that appeared after the Birthday Bash update in FusionFall, and so will not appear in FusionFall Retro.
As such, it solely exists for archiving part of the original game.

Zak SaturdayA Nano Mission Bad Behavior
Level 16
Difficulty Hard
Character Zak Saturday
Place Mount Blackhead - The Wilds
Help Zak discover why the Fusions in the Twisted Forest have started to avoid him.
My Notes
I helped Zak discover why the Fusions in the Twisted Forest were acting strangely and defeated Fusion Zak.

Mission Offer

Bad Behavior
I need your help. My power over cryptids doesn't work againist Fusion, but Fuse's nasties still seem drawn to me. Lately its been quiet...too quiet.

Mission Details

Step 1
Investigate the Granite Grabbers

Bad Behavior
There are a bunch of Granite Grabbers near the border of Twisted Forest, not far from here. Go see if they act strangely around you our if its just me.

Zak SaturdayA Zak Saturday
They seem to act normal around you? Try clobbering a few of them.

Step 2
Defeat 3 Granite Grabbers

Granite Grabber 0/3

Bad Behavior
They seem fine, defeat a few and see if they are hiding somethin'n.

Zak SaturdayA Zak Saturday
Nothing out of the ordinary. What about the Creeper Kings.

Step 3
Investigate the Creeper Kings

Bad Behavior
Come back my way where the infected zone is to investigate the Creeper Kings.

Zak SaturdayA Zak Saturday
They're acting normal too? Guess it's just me. Maybe something nearby is altering their behavior.

Step 4
Find the Fusion Lair

Bad Behavior
Thare is a Fusion lair near you, you should go check it out.

Zak SaturdayA Zak Saturday
That Fusion lair looks promising. Only way to know for sure is to go inside.

Step 5
Enter the Fusion Lair

Bad Behavior
Go inside and see what kind of werid Fusions are hiding up in there.

Zak SaturdayA Zak Saturday
Those Creeper Kings don't seem to be avoiding you!

Step 6
Defeat 9 Creeper Kings

Creeper King 0/9

Bad Behavior
Thsoe Creeper Kings seem to want a fight, who are we not to give it to them.

Zak SaturdayA Zak Saturday
Nice moves! Your shadow mercenary training is really coming along.

Step 7
Defeat Fusion Zak Saturday

Fusion Zak Saturday 0/1

Bad Behavior
There goes another Fusion over there go get him.

Zak SaturdayA Zak Saturday
That was awesome! A Fusion Zak totally explains the odd Fusion behavior.


NanoZak Saturday

Nano: Zak Saturday

Type: Blastons


Snare - Cone Snare - Cone

Damage - Point Damage - point

Radar Radar