Backpacks are available for purchase at vendors, or obtained through missions, and can be equipped by the player's avatar and worn on their backs. Though stylish, they do not boost the player's status making them merely for fashion rather than protection.

Current list of backpacks

Image Name Level Description Type Rarity Trade Buy Sell
AmpFibian TendrilsAmpfibian TendrilsNot in Retro Small1BackpackRareNot Tradable00
BigchillwingsBig Chill Wings1Big Chill's mothlike wings may not enable you to fly, but they do go great with his armor set.BackpackUltra RareNot Tradable00
Rudy's Blowfish Baby BackpackRudy's Blowfish Baby BackpackNot in Retro Small1This adorable container was made from a baby blowfish. How sweet!BackpackCommonNot Tradable00
Cootie's Blowfish Baby BackpackCootie's Blowfish Baby BackpackNot in Retro Small1This adorable container was made from a baby blowfish. How sweet!BackpackCommonNot Tradable00
Judy's Blowfish Baby BackpackJudy's Blowfish Baby BackpackNot in Retro Small1This adorable container was made from a baby blowfish. How sweet!BackpackCommonNot Tradable00
Tootie's Blowfish Baby BackpackTootie's Blowfish Baby BackpackNot in Retro Small1This adorable container was made from a baby blowfish. How sweet!BackpackCommonNot Tradable00
Blowfish SpinesBlowfish SpinesNot in Retro Small1These spines won't prevent you from being eaten, but they will make you less fun to swallow.BackpackRareNot Tradable00
Brainstorm Back PackBrainstorm Back PackNot in Retro Small1It may not make you as smart as a Cerebrocrustacean, but the extra arms are handy.BackpackRareNot Tradable00
TestABoogie PackNot in Retro Small1Rex's ultra-fast flying machines sprout right from his back. These you just wear.BackpackUltra RareNot Tradable00
Bunny BagBunny Bag1An adorable bunny for carrying your stuff in the cutest possible style.BackpackCommonTradable20351
Dracula CloakDracula Cloak1Dress up like Grim's favorite vampire hero!BackpackUncommonTradable20351
JerseyDevilWingsJersey Devil Wings1Look like the legendary cryptid, the Jersey Devil with these wings.BackpackUltra RareTradable
Jetray WingsJetray Wings1Wear the wings that give Jetray his awesome speed in air and water.BackpackRareTradable21353
KnishmasBagKnishmas Bag1This bag is more than roomy enough to carry an entire Schmingerbread House.BackpackUncommonNot tradable
Long CloakLong Cloak1This basic sweeping cloak adds mystery to your every move.BackpackRareTradable20351
PencilbackPencil BackNot in Retro Small1Give the phrase "Draw your weapon" a whole new meaning with this accessory!BackpackUltra rareNot Tradable0
P.U.T.T.U.H.P.U.T.T.U.H.1This Pack Uses Tapioca To Uplift Hoagie. Pudding Power!BackpackRareTradable24060
Spidermonkey ArmsSpidermonkey Arms1You won't be able to stick to walls wearing these arms, but you'll look fantastic!BackpackUltra rareNot tradable21353
Spooky CapeSpooky Cape1This Cape may or may not be haunted. Are you brave enough to find out?BackpackUltra rarenot tradable00
Stinkfly WingsStinkfly WingsNot in Retro Small1Though you won't take flight with Stinkfly's wings, you'll still look pretty darn cool.BackpackUltra rareNot Tradable00
Dark Avenger CapeSuperhero Cape1You may not leap tall buildings in this cape, but you'll sure look cool.BackpackUltra rareNot tradable
Ultimate Big Chill WingsUltimate Big Chill WingsNot in Retro Small1 BackpackRareNot Tradable00
Dodgeball Armor EngineDodgeball Armor Engine4The Dexlabs special powers the Dodgeball Exo-Suit.BackpackUltra rareNot tradable25063
Butterfly WingsButterfly Wings5Flit from fight to fight and mission to mission on glimmering gossamer wings.BackpackUltra rareTradable27268
Cryptid BatpackCryptid Batpack5This special Cryptid item is your reward for playing the FusionFall sneak peek. Thanks!BackpackRareNot tradable25965
Dark CloakDark Cloak5This long, flowing cloak makes a great accessory for our gothic outfits!BackpackUltra rareTradable33083
F.L.A.P.P.U.H.F.L.A.P.P.U.H.5This Flapping Lawnmower Apparatus Propels People Up High. Thanks, KND!BackpackUltra rareNot tradable26366
Fish BagFish Bag5Great for toting all your stuff, including (but not limited to) aquatic items.BackpackUncommonTradable28571
Morbucks WingsMorbucks Wings5Special-edition gold wings to match the special-edition gold Dynamo armor.BackpackUltra rareNot tradable26366
Nergal TendrilsNergal Tendrils5Look like your fave Billy and Mandy villain - with real undulating action!BackpackUltra rareTradable28972
Octi BackpackOcti Backpack5Bubbles' favorite stuffed toy is now an adorable backpack for you!BackpackRareTradable24662
Urban Ranger BackpackUrban Ranger Backpack5Carry all your Urban Ranger gear - plenty of room for Plank in this sack!BackpackUltra rareNot tradable26366
Black Knight ScabbardBlack Knight Scabbard7The perfect place to house your Black Knight sword, or perhaps a long, skinny carrot.BackpackUltra rareNot tradable28972
Blowfish BuddyBlowfish Buddy7Believe it or not, this blowfish once rampaged through Townsville!BackpackUltra rareNot tradable28972
Teen Ninja SashimonoTeen Ninja Sashimono7Display your teenage pride and strike fear into the hearts of little kids everywhere.BackpackUltra rareNot tradable29875
Galactic Enforcer CapeGalactic Enforcer Cape10An intergalactic superhero's costume is not complete without a cool cape.BackpackUltra rareNot tradable33684
Bladed CloakBladed Cloak13A full-length cape with studded accents for the combatant in touch with their dark side.BackpackRareTradable486122
Dark Avenger CapeDark Avenger Cape13Cloack yourself in mystery. Take on the persona of shadowy justice in this hero-style cape.BackpackUltra rareTradable420105
Foster's SkatepackFoster's Skatepack13This pack is similar to one of Mac's, but it's for skateboards, not books.BackpackUltra rareNot tradable38797
Major Glory CapeMajor Glory Cape13An all-American superhero needs a cape that's flashy. Stylish, and just a little bit gaudy.BackpackUltra rareTradable420105
Megawhatt MascotMegawhatt Mascot13Give yourself a charge and adopt a Megawhatt! Their sneaky nature will shock you.BackpackUltra rareNot tradable38797
Rocket PackRocket Pack13When you're sporting this accessory, it looks like you could go off at any moment!BackpackUncommonTradable36391
Bone WingsBone Wings16Look like a flying skeleton demon with these eerie Bone Wings! Boo!BackpackUltra rareNot tradable449112
Mandark's CapeMandark's Cape16A genius is only as smart as his outfit, which is why this cape will increase your IQ.BackpackUltra rareNot tradable449112
Echo Echo Sonic PackEcho Echo Sonic Pack17There's nothing more cutting edge than wearing a tiny amplifier alien on your back.BackpackUncommonTradable486122
Tribal CloakTribal Cloak17Drape yourself in tradition with this cloak fit for a medicine man!BackpackRareTradable510128
Vampire CapeVampire Cape17Velcome, creatures of the night! This cape is a great match for your goth outfit.BackpackCommonTradable486122
Space Jack JetpackSpace Jack Jetpack19Prepare yourself for your next trip into outer space, courtesy of Samurai Jack.BackpackUltra rareNot tradable519130
Lord Snotzax WingsLord Snotzax Wings22If you care to pretend to be an evil alien world conqueror, wear these wings!BackpackUltra rareNot tradable601150
Monkey Minion JetpackMonkey Minion Jetpack22Mojo's monkey minions wear these jetpacks to fly quickly from one mission to the next.BackpackUltra rareNot tradable601150
Sumo Slammer SashimonoSumo Slammer Sashimono22Proclaim your love for giant Japanese warriors with the Sumo Slammer Sashimono.BackpackUltra rareNot tradable601150
Ornamental CloakOrnamental Cloak25A regal cloak with silk and velvet inlay. Because you deserve it.BackpackUncommonTradable651163
Candy Loot BagCandy Loot Bag28If ye be carryin' a big candy haul, use this Loot Bag for all yer booty! Arrr!BackpackUltra rareNot tradable805201
Dexstar JetpackDexstar Jetpack28Dexlabs uses Hyperpropulsion Chamber technology for a fast and smooth ride.BackpackUltra rareNot tradable805201
Forever Knights ScabbardForever Knights Scabbard28The Forever Knights wear this scabbard to house their bladed weapon of choice.BackpackUltra rareNot tradable805201
Spectral Exterminator BackpackSpectral Exterminator Backpack28Hoss has outfitted this backpack with over 75 items of destruction. Keep it in your sight.BackpackUltra rareNot tradable805201
Angel's PrayerAngel's Prayer29Feathery wings add a delicate and exotic look to any battle ensemble.BackpackUltra rareTradable931233
Angel WingsAngel Wings29Heavenly wings to speed you on your missions. Halo not included.BackpackRareTradable931233
Archangel WingsArchangel Wings33Heavenly wings to speed you on your missions. Halo not included.BackpackRareTradable1078270
Devil WingsDevil Wings29Every flap looks sinister. Very disarming to unsuspecting enemies.BackpackUltra rareTradable931233
Uniscorn CapeUniscorn Cape29Take on one of Bloo's many alter-egos, Lord Uniscorn, in this dark and angry cape.BackpackCommonTradable931233
Devil's TemptationDevil's Temptation31An accessory for the hero-adventurer in touch with his or her dark side.BackpackUltra rareTradable931233
Samurai ScabbardSamurai Scabbard31Use this scabbard to house your most trusted blade, warrior.BackpackUltra rareNot tradable931233
Alien Bounty Hunter PackAlien Bounty Hunter Pack34Like the pack worn by Sixsix, this gear comes complete with all kinds of contraptions.BackpackUltra rareNot tradable1078270
SACT Battery PackSACT Battery Pack34The Special Alien Capture Team carries these portable energy units into the field.BackpackUltra rareNot tradable1078270
Tail of the BeastTail of the Beast34Beware! If you don't want to turn into an actual beast, this tail is a good alternative.BackpackUltra rareNot tradable1078270
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