SugarnoseA World Mission Arrrmed Forces (Part 3 of 6)
Level 18
Difficulty  ?
Character Sugarnose
Place  ?
My Notes
Candy Pirate Bandana

Sugarnose has a lead for you on the Transistor.

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Sugarnose tells you that his friend Mario Superior has some info on the transistor. when you reach Mario he tells you that some monsters have stuck the stolen transistor up at the top of the broken halfpipe inside of the Cutts and Bruises skate park. So its up to you to go in there and snatch it back for the pirates! Go to the skate park Infected Zone and get the transistor.

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Once you have the transistor, Take it back to Sugarnose so that he can fix up the Shortbread Radio. Now that it's fixed, You need to take it to the lighthouse back in Orchid Bay. Once that's done, Sugarnose tests the radio. But sadly, The signal isn't that strong, So Sugarnose asks you to return to him.

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