Caged Appoplexian.

Appoplexians are a species from the planet Appoplexia. Appoplexians are humanoids with huge muscles, tiger-like though sans tails. They have orange fur, white muzzles, hands, stomachs, chests, and feet, and black stripes on their heads, shoulders, backs, and legs. Rath is Ben Tennyson's Appoplexian form.


War against Fuse

Rath's Ramage

One is released in Mojo's Volcano and begins to cause major damage. Grandpa Max, mistaking it for Rath, sends the hero to investigate, only to find out that the damage was all Albedo's doing. The hero puts a Plumber transmitting device on the cage where the Appoplexian is held, but does not release it.


"Appoplexian" is a play on "apoplexy," a stroke or seizure caused by angry outbursts, just as "Rath," Ben's Appoplexian form, is a pun on "wrath," which means "fury, extreme anger."

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