Juniper LeeA Nano Mission Alien Totem Poll
Level 29
Difficulty Hard
Character Juniper Lee
Place Nowhere - The Wilds
Collect the alien totems.
My Notes
I tracked two more alien totems for Juniper Lee. I collected the Totem of Viktor and the Totem of Loboan from the Fireswamps. Then I fought Fusion Juniper Lee inside the infected zone at Monkey Mountain.

Mission Offer

Alien Totem Poll
All right, here's your next Nano mission. The Totem of Ectonurite that you found is from the planet Anurphaetos. I know little about alien magic, but we must keep their power away from Fuse.

Mission Details

Juniper LeeA Juniper Lee
Its Nano time. Go to the Fireswamps for further instructions.

Step 1
Go to the Fireswamps.

Alien Totem Poll
The Totem of Ectonurite that you found contains massive amounts of alien energy. I've tracked two more in the Fireswamps. You need to go there before Fuse can collect them.

Step 2
Defeat the Magma Hulks.

Totem of Viktor: 0/1

Alien Totem Poll
You need to defeat the Magma Hulks in the Fireswamps to collect the Totem of Viktor.

Juniper LeeA Juniper Lee
Fuse's Magma Hulks have stolen the Totem of Viktor, so prepare for a fight.

Step 3
Defeat the Tar Titans.

Totem of Loboan: 0/1

Alien Totem Poll
Excellent work. Now you must defeat the Tar Titans to collect the Totem of Loboan.

Juniper LeeA Juniper Lee
Good work! Now you need to get the Totem of Loboan from the Tar Titans.

Step 4
Go to Monkey Mt. infected zone.

Alien Totem Poll
Go to the Monkey Mountain infected zone. Once inside, you will need to find the entrance to an evil Fusion lair.

Juniper LeeA Juniper Lee
Those monster are working for a Fusion that's hiding at Monkey Mountain.

Juniper LeeA Juniper Lee
You will need to enter the infected zone to find the creature's lair.

Step 5
Find the Fusion's lair.

Alien Totem Poll
Enter the Fusion's lair inside the Monkey Mountain infected zone.

BenA FROM: Ben
SUBJECT: Alien Totem Poll
Hey, it's Ben again. Great job getting those totems. The Viktors are an incredibly strong race of robotic aliens. And the Loboans are dangerous wolf-like creatures. Really vicious and cunning. It's good that Fuse can't harness their power. I wonder how he was going to do that, anyway.

Step 6
Deliver the totems to Agent Hoffer.

Alien Totem Poll
Before you take on the Fusion in the lair, you need to deliver the totems you recovered to a SACT agent named Agent Hoffer.

BenA Ben
Hey, its Ben! Agent Hoffer is inside the lair waiting to collect those totems.

Step 7
Defeat Fusion Juniper Lee.

Alien Totem Poll
So, it's Fusion Juniper Lee, is it? Well, it's time to take her down. When you've won, I'm sure you'll have a new Nano for your collection.

Juniper LeeA Juniper Lee
I should have known...this is the lair of Fusion Juniper Lee! Watch yourself.


Nano Juniper Lee

Nano: Juniper Lee

Type: Adaptium


Jump - Self Mystical Boost: Jump - Self: Juniper uses a powerful amulet to give you a jump boost.

Leech - Point Te-Xuan-Zap: Leech - Point: This attack steals your enemy's energy and gives it back to you!

Snare - Target Area Monster Ambush: Snare - Target Area: This attack ensnares all monsters in the area with mystical energy.

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