BenA Nano Mission Alien Abductions
Level 20 (23)
Difficulty Hard
Character Ben
Place Offworld Plaza - Downtown
Recover Ben's stolen alien DNA from the Fusion.
My Notes

Mission Offer

Alien Abductions

Mission Details

GwenA Gwen
Hey, it's time for a new Nano! You need to get to Steam Alley, pronto.

Step 1
Defeat the Putrid Spawns.

Alien Abductions
I'd much rather be playing Sumo Slammer Online, but there's more important stuff to do. Every time I manage to get my Omnitrix to work, Fusion Gwen appears out of nowhere to steal something from me. I'm worried she's trying to make Fusions of my alien alteregos. You need to get my stuff back from the monsters in Steam Alley. Defeat the Putrid Spawns to recover what they stole.

BenA Ben
Good work! Now you need to find the Oil Ogres.

BenA Ben
The last time I managed to become Spidermonkey, they stole some of his fur.

Step 2
Defeat the Oil Ogres.

Alien Abductions
Good work defeating those Putrid Spawns. Now you need to go after the Oil Ogres to get back what they stole from me.

BenA Ben
Cool! Now you need to get a Jetray Talon.

BenA Ben
Look for the Gear Goliaths that stole it.

Step 3
Defeat the Gear Goliaths.

Alien Abductions
Great work defeating the Putrid Spawns and Oil Ogres. Can you take down the Gear Goliaths to recover one more piece of stolen alien property?

BenA Ben
Awesome. Can you bring those items to me?

Step 4
Bring Alien Items to Ben.

Alien Abductions
Bring me all the alien items you recovered: the Chromastone Crystal, Spidermonkey Fur and Jetray Talon. I want to send them to Dexter so he can begin Nano development. Then you will have to recover the toughest item of all.

BenA Ben
Good work. I'm going to send these items to Dexter so he can begin development of Chromastone, Spidermonkey and Jetray Nanos. Now you need to get the toughest item if all.

Step 5
Go to Offworld Plaza infected zone.

Alien Abductions
You need to enter the Offworld Plaza infected zone to find Fusion Gwen. She stole a Swamp Root from Swampfire. If you can get it back, you might be able to make a Swampfire Nano!

BenA Ben
You need to find the Fusion Portal that leads to Fusion Gwen. Good luck.

Step 6
Enter Fusion Portal.

Alien Abductions
Find the portal inside the Offworld Plaza infected zone that leads to Fusion Gwen.

BenA Ben
There she is. Look out!

Step 7
Defeat Fusion Gwen.

Alien Abductions
You found Fusion Gwen! Take her down and recover Swampfire's stolen Swamp Root.

BenA Ben
Great. But where's Swampfire's Swamp Root?

BenA Ben
Oh, man. It's Fusion Ben! Are you ready for him?

Step 8
Defeat Fusion Ben.

Alien Abductions
A-ha. Fusion Gwen didn't have Swampfire's Swamp Root. It's Fusion Ben! Looks like you'll need to defeat him as well to get my property back. Then you can make a Swampfire Nano.

Mission Summary

Alien Abductions



Nano: Swampfire

Type: Cosmix


Sleep - Area Sleep - Area

Sleep - ConeSleep - Cone

Sneak - Self Sneak - Self

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