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Not in FusionFall Retro.
The following article is about something that appeared after the Birthday Bash update in FusionFall, and so will not appear in FusionFall Retro.
As such, it solely exists for archiving part of the original game.


Agent K9
Agent K9
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Agent K9 is a dog in a secret agency, the D.O.G.S.,  that is trying to help create an alliance between dogs and cats, which is in turn forced to work with birds, when a plan is hatched that endangers humans.


Cats and Dogs ad.

FusionFall ad. for his exclusive mission.

In FusionFall, he is the first NPC who is based on a live action movie series, Cats & Dogs. He was stationed in Peach Creek Commons, Townsville Center, Mt. Blackhead, and other areas for the Summer 2010 release of the movie, Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore. In all the areas that he was in, he gave the same mission: "Cats & Dogs." He is also in the Future. He was removed from FusionFall on August 2, 2010.

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