GwenA World Mission A Rune with a View (Part 5 of 5)
Level 18
Difficulty Easy
Character Gwen
Place Pimbleback Mountains
My Notes

Mission Offer

A Rune with a View (Part 5 of 5)
When the Alpha Arachnid tore out the pages of the Book of Prophecy. It revealed hidden runes written on the inside of the spine of the book. What luck!

Mission Details

Step 1
Ask Grim to read the runes.

GrimA Grim
Dis is a powerful prophecy hidden on the spine of the book. Let's see... Me runish is a bit rusty, but I've translated the runes for Gwen. Get it back to her right away.

Step 2
Deliver the translated runes to Gwen.

Mission Summary

A Rune with a View (Part 5 of 5)
The prophecy says our planet has an ancient magical defensive system. It's a network of ancient totems. We have to activate them before Fuse does!

GwenA Gwen
Great! We have a translation of the prophecy now! It seems that the Earth has a magical offensive network. I think we can use this magic to find the hidden fusions.

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