GrimA World Mission A Rune with a View (Part 2 of 5)
Level 17
Difficulty Easy
Character Grim
Place Orchid Bay
Recover Grim's Portal Protector
My Notes
I fought the Boardwalk Bullies to get Grim's Portal Protector

Mission Offer

A Rune with a View (Part 2 of 5)
I'm glad you asked if you could help out. I need you to go after dem annoying Boardwalk Bullies. Dey took me Portal Protector, those jerks!

Mission Details

Step 1
Defeat Boardwalk Bullies

Portal Protector: 0/1

GrimA Grim
Very nice! Can you bring me dat Portal Protector?

Step 2
Deliver the Portal Protector to Grim.

Mission Summary

A Rune with a View (Part 2 of 5)
Now I can keep my Underworld gateways open. But tink about dis. Fuse may know about the Book of Prophercy now. Tings could be getting dangerous for me.

GrimA Grim
I'm glad my Portal Protector was not damaged. Tanks for all de help.

A Ruin with a View Saga

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