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A Pungent Pursuit

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ShnitzelA World Mission A Pungent Pursuit
Level 12
Difficulty Easy
Character Shnitzel
Place Chowder's Mouth
My Notes

Mission Offer

A Pungent Pursuit
Radda Radda!!!

Mission Details

Step 1
Talk to Chowder

A Pungent Pursuit
Oh no! Did you hear what Shnitzel said?

Step 2
Enter the orifice

Step 3
Find Kimchi before time runs out.

Remaining Time: 299

A Pungent Pursuit
Ugh! It smells terrible in here! You've got to find Kimchi! Quick!

Step 4
Return to Shnitzel

A Punget Pursuit
YAY my Kimchi! He's all right!

Mission Summary

A Pungent Pursuit
Radda Radda!!!

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